Behind the Brand

Day in the Life of Chef Damian D’Silva

Chef Damian D’Silva helming Rempapa is no stranger to the Singapore food scene. With a fitting reputation as “The Grandfather of Heritage Cuisine”, Chef Damian is passionate in re-introducing old, almost-forgotten Singapore heritage food to a new generation of diners. Step into a day in the life of Chef Damian, starting with a personal market tour, and ending with a promise of delicious Banana Bud Sambal dish at the end.

Vegetarian Food and Culture Tours with VegThisCity

Fruit Juice Curry Udon, Avofee, “Cactus” Mocktail and more! Discover the diverse and innovative side of eating vegetarian here in Singapore with VegThisCity exploration tours.

Seafood Raised Right with Atlas Aquaculture

It’s no secret that high quality ingredients make all the difference to a dish. Ever wonder where to source high quality seafood sustainably - here in Singapore? Take a dip into the day to day operations of Atlas Aquaculture, where the people are all about seafood that’s good for you, and the environment too.

Day in the Life of Chef Maira Yeo

Winner of Best Pastry Chef in Asia 2022, Chef Maira Yeo from two Michelin-starred Cloudstreet has cut her teeth at some of the most acclaimed restaurants locally and abroad. Armed with her exceptional ability of pairing flavours, Chef Maira keeps an open mind when creating desserts by allowing ingredients to inspire her. Step into a day in the life of Chef Maira as she invites viewers into her world.

Kitchen Insider

Martell Presents a Classic Cocktail: The Noblige & Coffee

Learn how to assemble a classic, delectable pick-me-up! Perfect for any time of the day, with fresh espresso and Martell Noblige.

A Singapore Classic from Scratch: Rendang

Learn how to make a Singaporean classic from scratch! Here we show you how to create your own Rendang.