Masterclass Session 3

Old School Cool: Egg Tarts and Kopi Appreciation

Artisanal Egg Tarts and Traditionally Roasted Singaporean-style Kopi

Chef: Ana Fong (Tong Heng)

Ana Fong, the current COO of Tong Heng Delicacies, is a 4th generation family member who spearheaded the company’s rebranding. Ana took charge of shifting the brand positioning, to appeal to both the younger and older generations.

Chef: Jason Soon (Kim Guan Guan)

Jason Soon is the soul behind every roast. He is the man behind the laborious roasting process; transforming the green coffee beans into flavourful, aromatic coffee.

Host: Charmaine Yee

With 18 years in the industry, Charmaine Yee is a media personality who is comfortable on-air, on screen and on stage. Charmaine’s presence can be felt across radio, TV, events and as a Communication Coach. 



Join Ana Fong and Jason Soon as they guide you through a uniquely local afternoon tea session! Savour egg tarts with a fun flavour twist, paired together with traditionally roasted Singaporean-style coffee for a comforting mid-day snack. Ana Fong from Tong Heng will make Tong Heng's signature egg tarts with a refreshing peach gum jelly topping, and Jason Soon from Kim Guan Guan will pair that with a freshly brewed velvety, chocolaty Robusta and Columbia coffee blend.