Masterclass Session 11

Hakka Hands

Hakka Yong Tau Foo Kit, Hot Pot Kit + Chu Collagen

Chef: Douglas Ng

With the allure of the fishballs made by his grandmother, Chef Douglas Ng diligently mastered and perfected the recipe to start his first outlet, growing from strength to strength with a growing business and an ever-changing list of handmade heritage food items. 

Host: Charmaine Yee

With 18 years in the industry, Charmaine Yee is a media personality who is comfortable on-air, on screen and on stage. Charmaine’s presence can be felt across radio, TV, events and as a Communication Coach.



Join the affable Chef Douglas Ng as he shares his love for family-style food through his family recipes! Learn how to make traditional Hakka yong tau fu by hand, and dress these savoury bites with a combination of heady sauces including a signature chilli sauce. Chef Douglas Ng also brings you through the essentials of his favourite style of hot-pot, with handmade treats and a rich laksa broth from CHU Collagen