Eat 'til you drop! Singapore Food Festival 2022 has partnered with your favourite restaurants to bring you dishes and menus exclusive to the festival. For a limited time only, savour dishes like Nasi Lemak Taco from MEZCLA, 'Curry Nation' bagelwich from Two Men Bagel House and wash them all down with LiHO Tea's Snow Mountain Kaya Milk Green Tea.

Two Men Bagel House

Curry Nation

TMBH have created a bagelwich that encompasses the curry(s) of Singapore’s Indian, Malay and Chinese culture. Indian Cucumber Raita, Malay Rempeyek and Hakka fried meat all come together in a bagelwich!

The Goodburger x Blue Lotus

Golden Chilli Crab Burger

A golden plant-based crab patty, crisp greens slathered with an aromatic chilli crab sauce nestled on a pillowy soft bun.

Steeples x Park Bench Deli

Steeples x Park Bench Deli
Sunday Pop-up (Exclusive Menu)

Steeples and Park Bench Deli come together for an exclusive pop-up on 4 Sep! Pair their savoury pastrami and corned beef sandwiches with beers for a special Sunday.

Park Bench Deli

Indian Fried Chicken Sandwich

Get a load of this Indian fried chicken sandwich with spicy chicken thigh, white and green sauce, tomatoes and pickled onions in a fluffy potato bun.

Tanglin Cookhouse

D24 Durian Croissant

Tanglin Cookhouse's D24 Durian Croissant is flaky and buttery and generously filled with durian creme that is creamy and mildly sweet. Topped generously with their in-house baked durian chips and Gula Melaka syrup for anyone that is looking for that extra boost of sugar.

Typhoon Café

Milo Dinosaur Soufflé Stacker

Created with a Milo base, Typhoon Café's fluffiest souffle is dusted with Milo powder all around, served together with milk pudding, Milo cereal balls and condensed milk at the side for the perfect mix of the drink. Enjoy it with chocolate ice cream for extra chocolatey goodness.

Dopo Teatro

Sambal Goreng Pizza

Try the Sambal Goreng Pizza, Dopo Teatro’s rendition of a favourite Malay classic – topped with shrimps, tempeh, halloumi, edamame, pineapple chutney and paired with sriracha sauce for a fiery kick!

Barossa Steak & Grill

Beef Cheek Rendang

Rendang made from high-quality Australian Beef Cheek slow-cooked and braised in coconut milk, rempah, lime leaf and turmeric leaf for 12 hours, promising a rich, flavourful and tender beef cheek that will melt in your mouth and burst in flavours!

The Feather Blade

Beef Rendang Slider

The Beef Rendang Slider features a gorgeous feather blade beef rendang layered with shallots and tangy achar, tucked between a toasted brioche bun!


Black Pepper Crab Roll

RAPPU's take on the iconic black pepper crab - think jumbo crab meat tossed in a housemade black pepper sauce on a bed of fluffy Japanese rice, topped with coriander cress, and tucked between a crispy tempura-battered seaweed shell.


Nasi Lemak Taco

MEZCLA's take on the locally-inspired nasi lemak. Ayam Goreng Berempah (fried spiced chicken) ghost pepper sambal, anchovies, peanuts, Japanese cucumbers, Japanese lemak sushi rice, tempura-battered seaweed taco.

LiHO Tea Singapore

Snow Mountain Kaya Milk Green Tea

Milk Green Tea beautifully blends with fragrant Kaya to give a well-rounded flavour that you will never get sick of. Completed with a beautiful swirl of whipped cream and lotus biscuit crumbs, the Snow Mountain Kaya Milk Green Tea looks and tastes great!

The Ice Cream & Cookie Co.

Teh Halia Ice Cream

Inspired by a favourite local drink, Teh Halia, this frozen take on ginger milk tea is slightly spicy, slightly sweet and totally creamy and velvety.

Tipsy Collective

Tipsy Oyster U.F.O.

An umami sphere stuffed with truffle pork pâté, pistachio & four big fleshy oysters, and topped with a generous amount of tobiko & Sakura-flavoured ebi. This fried saucer will be an explosion of goodness in a bite!

PS.Cafe x Tanglin Gin

The Verandah Gin

A proud collaboration between PS.Cafe and Tanglin Distillery.

Handcrafted in the lush jungles of Dempsey, The Verandah Gin thoughtfully combines local botanicals to create a moreish afternoon thirst quencher.


Guava Sorbet with Sour Plum

Sweet, sour, salty, crunchy, thirst-quenching - nothing speaks more local than the way we eat chilled guava chunks poked with satay sticks and dipped generously in sweet salty sour plum powder on a hot day. Relish the same tropical flavour in this delightful interpretation of a pink guava sorbet dusted with sour plum powder. Created specially for Singapore Food Festival 2022.

Food Mission by At-Sunrice

Singapore Heritage Dinner

Book a table at our Sunday dinner to savour fusion Singapore masterpieces by local celebrity Chef Andri Jamil.

WellSpent by At-Sunrice

Singapore Heritage High Tea

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea with Singapore masterpieces made with upcycled ingredients.